Reviews for "Hipstercalypse"

20014 huh? nice.

It's alright, but definitely could be better. The grammar and spelling is really terrible which was irritating, but I understand that English likely isn't your first language. Maybe find an English-speaking translator next time?

The controls were a little awkward and glitchy, but the game wasn't totally ruined because of it. The graphics are nice and the music is decent although repetitive.

I really liked the storyline and the time travelling back-and-forth mechanic was pretty cool! 3/5

Nice game. A little boring as there isn't much to it.
Gets a bit glitchy around the sides going between rooms especially if its the last room which you don't know and it glitches.
My mac wouldn't let me finish the game though

Good game, it has a bug, though. When you click the arrow after the lottery you're stuck and can't do anything

Great game, just wondering if there is a way to mute the music. After a while it gets REALLY annoying and it kinda ruins the experience.