Reviews for "Hipstercalypse"

I like this. It made me chuckle. Too bad this game isn't a reality...

Only problem I had was that the controls don't always respond. Like if the character is already at the edge of the screen, you can't transition to the next room. Overall it's a pretty cool game though.

oh my... neat idea but quite simple and short. very funny, but i felt you could have expanded on the humor. i know there is so much hipster crap to make fun of out there (i should know :P) but i felt it could have used something more. good job though, gave me 10 minutes of humor.

I am entirely inlove with pixel games, because of it's simplicity and most pixel games have these funny/emotional thing in it. This is a very nice game, since hipsters are everywhere now, fit for our generation. This was very entertaining! I will absolutely play your other games. Oh, and music would be nice. Have a nice day!

Short, but somewhat descent. For a game that is mostly about BS this game is actually quite intricate. It's like an escape game with a sense of humor.

Boring and unimaginative. To add insult to injury, your grammar is atrocious and took away from any sort of experience I was close to enjoying.