Reviews for "Hipstercalypse"

I enjoyed this, very good game

Some of the hipsters should have been described as douche bags, the grammar sucks, good concept but too over done.

i was playing this for hours before i knew there was a point to it, anyways i like the music quite a bit and the 8bit touch was amazing. good job

I really liked it, the music was amazing, the game plays well and it's rather fun! I got a lil frustrated but still, it was cool. I would've liked to see more achievements, like an achievement you could get for giving the lottery money to the peeved man instead, lol. That would break the game, so I guess there'd have to be a save point or idk, but still, I would like to see that in any future games u produce! U've got urself a fan! Ur talented.

kokos0102 responds:


Very fun, just needs better story