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Reviews for "Kiss La Kiss"

"subscribe for more epic naruto and sasuke meme parodies!!!!!!"

Man, you're Kill la Killin' me!

Get it? Like, "you're killing me" used as an expression to denote something as humorous, but Kill la Killing, because this is a Kill la Kill parody!



Speedo responds:

i am understanding

Aw man your animation quality is improving with every toon! especially the scene where mako is pounding up against the window, great work! also mako totally sounds fuckin hot, whos the sweet cheeks who voiced her? ;)

Speedo responds:

tristious! he loves voicing japanese school girls

God i hated her eyebrows. That was my one peeve.

Speedo responds:

i did too, at first, hence the inclusion of that joke in the vid

..as time went on..
i started to find them rather...


Oh damn, oh damn that freakinh awesome. KLK is my second favorite anime of all time and that was too freaking funny to not laugh. Well animated, good realisation of what gonna happen after with Gamagoori and Mako (Because its too obvious) and yes indeed male voice on female its funny as hell. Like the end of Return to Tamriel of Harry.

I saw the girl from It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular and Konata at the beginning. Nice reference. Also, everything about this was stupendous and hilarious.