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Reviews for "Kiss La Kiss"

ive never been a fan of the way you have done linework and shading in your animations

but this and "Bear And Bunny Boo" rly showed some awesome improvements.
rly love the lionework and shading done in both this and "Bear And Bunny Boo".

youve just made a new fan!

keep up the good work :)

ps. i fucking lost it at the 'finger pointing wink' thing ! :D

Lol that was funny, what's that song in 0:46 btw?

You wanna stick it in the pooper? *points while you hear gunshots* *winks* That's when I lost my sides.

WOW. HAHAHAH this is a really big (and accurate) twist. Love it.

DAAAAMN. what a wonderful Kill la Kill Fan movie.