Reviews for "Caretaker"

It's sad to see a game with so much potential and such a great concept, be butchered with lack of effort.

It's an absolutely excellent minigame. It's not as good as a game, but I still do like the extreme minimalism while still keeping it worthwhile. I also really like the graphics and sound.

However, some instructions should be good. I'll write them here.

Keep pressing the middle button under the old man as much as you can. When you see the red lights flashing you need to act. It's pretty self explanatory, but on the left the buttons should be pressed down when they are yellow, and the bar on the right should simply just be clicked when the red button over it blinks. Apart from that it's just mashing the middle button.

Good job. I'm not sure how to grade this. As a game I'd give it three, but as a minigame it's a five, so I guess you got four.

You know, it would be nice if we could know what the hell we're doing instead of having to try our luck and click the random buttons you put up...

Nice little game. Needs instructions,more buttons and a larger play area. Ok game justs needs a bit of work

Lols this is a rather interesting game despite how little is actually in it. It's very interesting and you did a good job of making a minimal amount of things fun to mess around with.