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Reviews for "Regretroid Music Video"

Very clever; but I think the lyrics at some points could have flowed together just a little more. Overall I really liked this video and Kraid definitely made me chuckle.

Nah it didn't suck that you made this video. It's a bit more in the style of the other starbombs movies. It's also quite smooth for a video that doesn't have an entire animation group working on it. So I am glad you did.

Awesome music video. I have been waiting to see this song as a music video and you pulled it off nicely.

When Starbomb first announced that they had more animated music videos coming after the Luigi's Ballad, I had my hopes it would be Regretroid and Crasher-Vania since they are my favorites and I thought they would make great music videos.

Both music videos "It's Dangerous to Go Alone" and "Rap Battle: Ryu vs. Ken" are really good too.

Nice Job! This is one of my favorite Star Bomb songs.

wasn't this made by egroraptor?:l

TheUnseriousguy responds:

the song was. i just animated it