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Reviews for "Regretroid Music Video"

I don't exactly know how to rate this.
The animation seemed quite solid.
The drawing can use improvement in many ways, even though nothing looked disformed, it could be way more polished (and her tight butt kinda looked... well weird).
The ides and most scenes were basically taken from the other video, but this animatin was a big improvement. While the original seemed kinda rushed (or the program used for that was just inappropriate), this one really got me thinking, there is a lot of work in it, combined with skills that yet have to improve.
So yeah, I think 3.5 stars are kinda fitting.

THE PUPPIES! D: Oh well this is still funny.

I usually don't watch music videos, but this was awesome.

That was awesome man, I love it job well done I had to watch it twice and I will subscribe to you on youtube, look forward to seeing more of your talent in the future to come :)

then the race of hyper intelligent puppies killed the entire race of space bird people, and samus was licked to death. by the puppies.

TheUnseriousguy responds:

you should write a fanfic