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Reviews for "Regretroid Music Video"

Wow, first of all I love this song and combined with the animation it was amazing.

This is pretty good and Samus is such a badass in this and some of the peeps commenting are haters. So yeah this is a 5.

I enjoyed it a lot! Of course, some things could use improvment, but honestly, what doesn't need some improvement here and there? As for the comments saying "this sucks" and what not, please ignore them. They aren't helpful to anyone. Keep doing what you're doing dude!

Love me some Starbomb!

The drawings were crap and the song sucked.

I've always seen Samus as a sex object, and I will continue to do so, without taking her feelings into consideration at all, because I don't know if you're aware, but Samus doesn't have feelings. Because she's a video game character. She doesn't fucking exist. Therefore I'm free to see her as the fucktoy she truly is.