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Reviews for "Regretroid Music Video"

Dat Ass! Sweet!
Good job I like your songs!^^

TheUnseriousguy responds:

not my song, its star bombs

Wow these lyrics are poorly written. is this the the extent of Egoraptor's humour now?
Video game reference, sex joke, repeat and then end with a cringeworthy punchline. it's so cheap and predictable ah... obviously i won't take points off you for this. i'm just shocked he could make something so bad... any way I digress. Your animation was decent but i think there's a lot of room for improvement. All the character's movements were pretty good but the characters themselves could be better. I think their designs should be more refined and consistent through out the animation. also I know it's a pain but if you spend the extra time going through and cleaning up you line work more it can really make your animation look a lot more professional.

In summary: I think your on the right track on the animation side but your drawing skills could be improved upon a fair bit.

finally,starbomb on newgrounds

Yours is beter

nothing reallyy yo say