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Reviews for "Shut Up And Fulp"

The epic feud between NewGrounds and Kongregate, finally manifested in the form of a game! :D Love the idea, and the game itself - despite very simple graphics (or maybe thanks to) - was simply really fun to play, simple weapon system with limited ammo, medals and all. What a trip it was! It's thanks to crappy flash games like this that this place is still alive! :D


squidly responds:

Are you kidding me? Didn't you see the rain effect? How bout dat' intro? The amazing desktop monitor backgrounds and uh, ahem, content?

Geeze louise I can never please you people.

Fun game, I liked the final boss. xD

squidly responds:

The final boss likes you too... a lot.

Would be nice if throwing your weapon deals damage.
I like that you run out of bullets really fast and have to keep scavenging for weapons! :D

Fucking loved it!
Newgrounds rules!
Kongregate drools!

Holy mother of Tom please upload this to Kong if possible.

squidly responds:

Tom has no mother, just a test tube baby.