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Reviews for "Shut Up And Fulp"

I'm not sure what just happened. Pretty hilarious.

squidly responds:

I don't think it was funny at all. How dare you?

Well, I get the humor but the game was executed poorly, The level design needed to be fair and the gun needed a faster and responsive animation. Also, make the bullets stop curving. A bad game indeed.

squidly responds:

screw u 2 n00b

Why would you make this?

I got stuck of the first level because all the weapons ran out of ammo. Why no punching? also i nearly died due to the 'pick up' and 'throw weapons' buttons being different. very glitchy, NO JUMPING, and the music randomly stopped. don't get me wrong, this could have been a very good game. it was just poorly executed.

0/10, Kongregate is better and this is just an edgy horribly made slam on it from some butthurt neckbeard