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Reviews for "Shut Up And Fulp"

I can't believe the amazing graphics even work on my computer!

squidly responds:

Must be since you're using Nvidia, the way it's meant to be played.


squidly responds:

What is love?

wtf have I just played? well I like it

squidly responds:

I hate you.

excellent game, with a hillarious story (based on the real-life feud between NG (here) and kongregate)
nice work, original, funny, and with excellent gameplay, medals, and a touching ending....
(the boss scene was the funniest and most intense thing that i've seen in 2 years)

and also, i loved the humour in the credits scene, (and in the controls, the control keys spelled out the word A-S-S, lol, good one!) everything was funny!

you should definitely do more games/movies like this, it was very funny!
ps. like cyberdevil, and nameplz said, you should totally upload this in kongregate too... haha
keep it up

squidly responds:

What's a Kongregate?

Fun game, I liked the final boss. xD

squidly responds:

The final boss likes you too... a lot.