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Reviews for "Shut Up And Fulp"

the slow movement is making this game pretty difficult for me :/ im glad I got the medal though thank you ;) the graphics felt like I was click baited lol

you should be able to hit the guards without a gun as well

so fun!

I thought it was super funny, but, like the second gun room was pretty hard at first. It was kinda funny to keep cornering them with the sword though. Thanks for the 100 pt medal!

The game was weird, but it was fun. Whenever I was stuck with a sword, fighting gun man, it was just brutal. I kind of had to prey they ran out of bullets or that I could corner them. There was a decent selection of guns, my favorite being the shot gun. Also enjoyed hearing knuckles theme song at the beginning of the game as well. The difficulty wasn't too bad. I was worried when I died, I would have to start all over, but I didn't which was nice. Good spoof for Tom Fulp's birthday.