Reviews for "Priorities"

The animation is great and the story is pretty sweet, making for an overall amazing video. Awesome job!

I love how you have used only 4 takes... Animation does give us such freedom compared to live action.
secondly.. the Camerawork is really good. Its works very well in giving the perspective of a person accompanying them and demands involvement..!!!


...Is this some sort of origin story for Beedle? The resemblance is... uncanny. Literally the only differences between them is that Beedle has small eyebrows and more bowlish hair. xD

But anyway this has to be one of the best animations I've ever seen, and I've seen good animations. xD The story is really sweet. I love it when a story doesn't need words to make you feel something. The shading is a little bit weird on the guy and the dog, seems a little too flat and straight without any noticeable shadows. Like you just used a gradient. But it still looks good, and the background is fine. And the camera was a tad bit too shaky at times, it was a bit distracting.

But yes, still amazing. 7/5. xD

Completely unique style, brilliant content. This is what NG needs more of. Absolutely stunning work.

Five thumbs up. I LOVE it.