Reviews for "Priorities"

Wow good to see you're back with another animation since Aqua HD. Just like always you've produced something that is pretty damn incredible. The overall tone and art style are just fantastic and you coupled it with great music. Animation at times was a bit stiff and the modeling on the dog can be slightly off putting occasionally. However it doesn't detract from the style or tone in any meaningful way. Everything works together quite well and produces a very enjoyable story.

For a single guy to make the whole thing himself is really impressive. How long did it take you? Also I'm just left wondering, why did he veer off to the right into that tiny cave after the view of the coast came up? Why not just push keep pushing forward towards the coast? Regardless, amazing stuff, thanks for sharing it here again.

WOAH!!! Awesome first 10 secs drew me in

This was okay. I liked the story being told, and although it nothing incredibly new or innovative, it was executed in a way that was entertaining.

What turned me off was that the animation had one glaring problem--the poses of the characters look very stiff and unnatural, and actions look very forced and they don't flow. Example: When the man is cutting a tree, he exerts no exaggerated movement. In his swing, he simply brings his arms down. Cutting a tree is a strenuous action and requires a LOT of force. He should be twisting and rotating his whole entire body, but the majority of his movement lies in his arms. Also, the axe should start relatively slow at the beginning of the swing, and should last almost no time at all between the slow part and when it gets to the tree. However, in the animation, the axe is going the same speed throughout the swing.

Similarly, the man only runs in one manner: the hunched-forward type of running. It's hard to describe. This the sort of running I imagine when Shaggy runs away from a monster in Scooby Doo. This can work, but it doesn't fit and it doesn't look right in the context of this animation.

If I were to give another example it would be when he bends down to pick up the axe after the dog brings it back to him. He just looks so off balance and unnatural. It looks like he's about to fall down.

These are the kinds of nuances and intricacies that really make up a work. The environment looks stunning and I can tell you spent a lot of time on it. But I dislike it when the flashy elements of a work almost, sort of, covers up its flaws. The music is great, and as I said before, I liked the story being told. But it just stood out so much to me when I saw how the characters looked and moved.


Really well done. I really enjoy these well animated bits that do so well without any real voice work. Nice general idea for a plot as well.

Great story, i love the animation.