Reviews for "Priorities"

WOW! That was epic! Story and the camera was so good!

I think you should much more work on their movement and visual stuff because its a bit shitty.
It didnt looked realistic when they are moving or doing some action. And the waves were just some blue shapes.

But for most. I didnt know Latvians can make something so epic like this!


very nice lol that guy Kwing wrote a book of dislikes haha wtf lol its just an animation some people over amalyze things lol. but thx and hope to see more:)

That camera effect it was cool. :D

Am I allowed to dislike this? There are a handful of things I didn't like about this animation so I'm just going to shout them out in no particular order. First is the general quality of the characters and environment. I know what Maya is capable of, this comes nowhere close. The characters lack texture and I didn't see much going on with lighting and shadows either. The animation is also somewhat awkward - both the way the guy and his dog run are primitive and not particularly realistic. Since this isn't a very action-packed animation, simple loops like running make up a big part of how polished the animation is going to look, and you really have no excuse not to have spent more time perfecting those.

One thing that you do did really well was create a mood to the environment; the textures and polygon count were simple, but there was a lot of fog in the distance and overall the magnitude of the location helped set the atmosphere a lot. You also found a really good musician to help augment the animation.

Touching on the story, I've never been a fan of these kinds of things, and that may be why I'm not too attached to the story here. It seems rather one-sided and incomplete as a narrative, and I'm not just saying that because it lacks dialogue. You establish that this guy is stuck, that the dog is bothering him, and that he eventually comes to a decision that his dog is more important than escaping. Then he... Wastes all of his flairs? First of all, a dog isn't going to understand what that gesture is supposed to communicate, but more importantly, does this guy not have a family or a job or a LIFE back where he lives? And even if he doesn't, does he realize that he's going to outlive his dog by several decades?

It's impressive that you managed to craft an animation like this, especially given that it's nearly ten minutes in length, but it feels like it's missing something, and I think that the simple storytelling is a way to mask that it's missing something.