Reviews for "Priorities"

that was awsome !!
camera, sound effects, music, graphics, enviroment
you made a great job!

Wow, that's a inspiring story! This is a love leason, really. I liked the graphics/FX/that stuff, but the sound effects are really awesome, all creating a incredible environment(mainly when you listen at maximum volume :D).


Hello from Estonia! I really enjoyed the sound design and audio effects, right now I'm actually a music tech student in Coventry (UK) :)

gzilbalodis responds:

I'm just an amatuer in the sound department. Thanks!

I can't tell where to start when thinking of some of the best aspects of this animation. My favourite part of it all was the camera. not a single cinematic shot was taken, but it forces the person watching to use their imagination. after all, it is a short animation, so you have to use what you can to get your point across, and you did a fantastic job there. the audio was perfect. things like the rain, the breathing of the protagonist and a just subtle enough background music sold every frame. finally, the animation itself was gorgeous. i loved how the camera took all sorts of light without trying to pretty up the shot, or even how it was a happy ending, but the melancholy rain is still present and there's depth to every movement and plot movement.

fantastic job, you have a new fan!

gzilbalodis responds:

Wow, thanks for that. I actually don't think that long continuous shots are limiting artisticaly in any way. They're harder to pull off, but when they work the result is much more effective. It looks more real I think, because in real life there's no cutting.

Been seeing your WIPs for something like a year now on your blog, it's a pleasure to see the piece finally finished!

gzilbalodis responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!