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Reviews for "Morbid 2"

very well done :)
like the art, it stayed consistent to the 1st game. ease of play wasn't too bad. very well thought out for a story. leaves you hanging at the end but that's good! it makes you want to play more.

cant wait for the next one :) thanks for making this.

I love the art and the atmosphere of the game.If only your games have medals.....

What about the fisherman? I was 100% convinced there is another ending that includes him, but nope, he didn't want to take the elixir.

That is pretty good but damn, what a downer ending. I wish that there is a sequel to this just so I could find out what happens in the end. Asides from that, I found that asides from using ancient lore of vampires being associated with the Black Death, you also used ancient lore of the mandragora plant growing under the corpses of hanged men (the medieval movie Flesh + Blood starring Rutger Hauer also uses that piece of lore as well. It's also not a bad movie but has does some pretty despicable characters in it.) along with having it scream as well and be shaped like a man's body, and that you had a rhino be called a unicorn (the comic book version of Conan the Barbarian also uses that piece of lore). I also enjoyed the fact that the false monk is able to go out in daylight despite being a vampire (if that what he actually is), since in actual lore vampires are NOT harmed by sunlight. I also like fact that the player is able see the hut from the first game after traveling to the witch's place and then scare off the giant spider which may be have been the same one from the first game (when the player reaches the chimney) or a different giant spider altogether.

The one thing I don't get though is how is the vampire that appears at the of this game is incapacitated by a spider web? I don't recall that being part of any vampire lore and even if spider webbing is much stronger than steel (5 times stronger in fact), the spider webbing is too thin and vampires are supposed to be super strong. In fact, the vampire in this game is so strong, an axe's blade would break against his flesh without him being harmed so why would a spider web be his weakness? Asides from that flaw (honestly, pure iron chains drenched in holy water and sprinkled with salt would've been a more logical weakness), This game is awesome and I hope that there is indeed a sequel being made to this. Fantastic job dude!

ending was like..... well, SHIT...