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Reviews for "Morbid 2"

Great game, but will we find out the purpose of the elixir?

very well done :)
like the art, it stayed consistent to the 1st game. ease of play wasn't too bad. very well thought out for a story. leaves you hanging at the end but that's good! it makes you want to play more.

cant wait for the next one :) thanks for making this.

wow.. something is wrong. really wrong.

Love the look of the game, but I do think it clashed a little with being able to actually distinguish paths and certain things.. But I guess thats what give the game its difficulty. I am also pretty pants at these point and click game I do admit. Going to check the first one out now too. But yeah... I loved the eerieness of it, need more games like this. Good job!


You know, I've played it 3 years ago. It's interesting though, I am willing to play it again.