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Reviews for "Morbid 2"

There were so many places to explore in this second episode. Somehow, I felt lost. I remember I did click on the entrance to the monastery but it didn't let me in the first. Thanks to the walk through, I got in the second time and discovered some useful items. c:

I got no problem in finding the mandrake, but the crab apple and the unicorn horn. If it was a colour game, the apple would be so much easier to spot on the tree trunk. In order to get the unicorn horn, you must chase the huge spider away with the drum. Having said that, there was no way to find out how to operate the drum because they didn't combine or produce any sound.

The vampire was rather easy to deal with. I had no idea when the character got infected in the first place and he's searching for cure.

What about the fisherman? I was 100% convinced there is another ending that includes him, but nope, he didn't want to take the elixir.

Good, but too much of the puzzling is about spotting hidden objects/paths, which is lame.

I love the art and the atmosphere of the game.If only your games have medals.....

screams i didnt expect that ending.