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Reviews for "Rosechu"

i love the comedic effect of this picture

I really admire your art. I will learn to color like this

haha. nice one.

but...is she in the ear?
cuz. she can't possibly be standing!
can she??
what ever....really nice drawing, have a coke!
P.S: is she having a orgasm?

Oh my god!

Is she covered in fur or silk? I wish that dress was just a little bit smaller!


If it has boobs: IT MUST BE F*CKED.

There are not exceptions.

(Except with ugly people/objects/creatures that might kill you and/or cause injuries to any part of your upper or lower body/extremities.)


Wow, I had no idea NG artists frequent ED. This just made my day.

You should make an "epic" version of Asperchu. Like a sumo wrestler or something.