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Reviews for "Royal Offense (Game)"

IT was okay. Didn't last very long for me. I didn't like the click and drag effect for placing troops. I didn't like how you couldn't mass select. I liked the keyboard presets though. The music was sub par and nothing new. The enemies could have been more interesting and unique. It could last though, it is a solid flash game.

Alreay played this on newgrounds too. +~6 months too. Why is this a "release"?
If anyone is having trouble, pick the gold carries everytime they get out of the house/city and increase your gold income.

My cache says I've played this, the saved game goes almost to the last levels... I vaguely think it was a year or more ago.

Still, nice one, in the side-scroll army genre. Nice revisiting it.

I remember games like this before. I don't think this was a direct sequel. I was still pretty impressed by how good the graphics are. While not flawless, they certainly gave out the goods. I loved seeing the dead bodies stay around. Call me morbid, but that was cool.

While it doesn't have that much new to add, it's still a great game. It helps that there are always things like upgrades and tax collectors. It would be too generic without them. The sounds and gameplay are done pretty well. It's easier to just speed it up.

Good concept and I enjoyed playing it at first. But then I constantly had issues where after a round or two, I would select the mission, select difficulty, and then wind up on some blank grass field with no options. I could hit pause and go back to main map, but then when I tried again it was the same field but now with the menu overlayed on it. I was having to reload the page ever 2-3 rounds... Got pretty irritating so stopped play. Otherwise, decent game and idea.