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Reviews for "Royal Offense (Game)"

I said once for the previous release and again for this one. FIX RANGED COMBAT, it happens a lot with these RTS games, a collection of ranged units will always win! No skill or strategy needed, any level or difficulty, filling your ranks with pure ranged units is the simple answer. It's an exploit that could be fixed by simply adding enemies that have damage reduction or balancing their Hp to survive a ranged onslaught. By forcing your player to balance a mix of units could actually be called a game with strategy in it, but until then this RTS is just an RTW, a REAL TIME WASTER!!

While the game is a fun twist on the start left and fight the horde coming from the right concept. It is just far to short and easy. I mean just about any build is effective for 95% of the game.

For example, Archers alone can win every single mission without a single tax collector or spell. I just save up a bit and send them on their way.

Winter wall the hardest level even can be won just by spamming a random assortment of the three mages alone.

If it was more difficult, I would get it 4-4.5 stars.

nice games guys

Good game but it's an easy win if:

Go 2 tax collectors and micro manage them at first
Single paladin (assuming you have heal/rez, level 1)
2-4 healing mages...
Buy all archers after that with crit chance.

Just heal paladin and rez as needed. Always will get through the level with no collateral.

No real consequences for cheesing your way through this game

Good game, but after you get the elves it is much! too easy!