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Reviews for "Royal Offense (Game)"

I remember playing this game years and years ago :(

Great game I love it :D

There is really no strategy, very easy and slow paced. The graphics are good and the upgrade system is ok but these things can never make up for the lack of solid gameplay.

i like the concept but the fact that i can pik my miners up and place them at the buildings makes me have an issane amount of money to the point that nothing is challenging in the least. Spells need a much longer cooldown and miners need to either spend more time in the houses or be made unable to pik and drag as fast as normal units

Game is fun but unfortunatelly has a bug whih makes game impossible to finish. After 6 maps the next mission appears on blank field with Pause and Speed Up buttons only. Even if I choose return to map - then even previously played maps looks same.