Reviews for "Steam King"

Wow,very exciting game!

Well done, had a lot of fun with this one :)

Very enjoyable game, and adequately difficult. I had some problems with lag, which weren’t helped by reducing the quality.

Also, I found a reproducible glitch in the last level. I entered the boss battle area by jumping on the first hinged platform, and then toward the second. Doing so got me to the right side of the bridge, and to the right side of the battle area. I was able to pass through the wall, with nothing visible to stand on. The boss is in the battle area, but invisible until I move left enough to be near him. I found that I can move left and right to control his visibility, which allowed me to nullify his attack. I didn’t try this technique to beat him, and I’m not sure if it could be done. Moving left to the battle area locks the screen in place for the battle, presumably as expected.

Awesome! The king didn't lie when he said it worths the wait! Thanks for such an incredible game and hoping to see part 2 soon! By the way, I loved the final gag!

Waaahaaaaaa awesome game man, was kind of upset that it finished to quick, u just MUST make a sequel ! ...its a must do friend !!! a perfect 5\5 with a voting power of 6,64 .... good luck in the future !