Reviews for "Steam King"

Wow, its just perfect time killer for all players, wanna sequel :)

Badass game! King Arthur with steampunk stuff, awesome graphics and animation... 5 stars!

Great game! I got all the medals except the secret one, any clues? It's a shame this only has 5k views, it's very well-crafted and enjoyable.

Awesome! The king didn't lie when he said it worths the wait! Thanks for such an incredible game and hoping to see part 2 soon! By the way, I loved the final gag!

Thanks for this great game! Looks great and plays very smooth.

There are, in my oponion, some general problems, that killed the fun a little.
First, the crossbowmen already start shooting from offscreen... the arrows are way to fast to dodge them at this rate while running when they come flying like that. I like challenge but this is way below the belt.

Another issue fuels the former one even more: The position of the character on screen while running is pretty off. you basically run while only seeing like 33% of whats in front of you but can see 66% of whats behind you. Running into enemies and taking damage is immenent if you don't stop every five steps and shot blindly in front of you.

I'm pretty sure that these issues are design decisions made by you, but i personally don't like them, since it gives the player an unfair disadvantages and a lot of unavaidable damage that makes me rage! :D

Enough rambling, it's still a top tier platformer!

IriySoft responds:

Hi! Yeah, we made these things described above intentionally. If the crossbow man didn't shoot from offscreen you would be able to kill while he's offscreen. We experimented with camera and liked the current set up the most :)