Reviews for "Steam King"

I really like this game. The game itself is quite fun with decent upgrades at each level and the enemy development as you get stronger. I really like the animation and design as well as the bright colors and environments. Only thing, i think the enemies could be a little more challenging and as someone already mentioned maybe some "penalty" with death because it is not so challenging, I really enjoy it however, thank you very much

The beginning and end scenes were hilariously well done. I'd love to see more stuff like that. It makes the game memorable on its own, even besides the excellent game play. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Challenging and puzzling enough to be good fun, but never so difficult or repetitive as to become frustrating or boring. Well done! And seriously, keep those clever cut scenes coming! :-)

Hey, nice graphics and game design. The sound isnt bad either. But i didnt find it very challenging. The enemies are much of a nuisance than actual challenge, since dying has no penalty whatsoever, so I don't see the benefits of being careful, I just threw myself at enemies hooting and killing them eventually with my infinite respawns. Being able to finish a game is good, but having it for granted, with no effort, sounds lame for me. I like the game, though. Nice job.

Loved the graphic and the game. Thumbs up and go on develping more of these funny games.

Pretty good overall. The only problems I had is that the king can't duck to avoid projectiles over his head. Other than that, it's still good.