Reviews for "Steam King"

Waaahaaaaaa awesome game man, was kind of upset that it finished to quick, u just MUST make a sequel ! ...its a must do friend !!! a perfect 5\5 with a voting power of 6,64 .... good luck in the future !

This game was extremely fun and addictive, but there were a few points that made it a bit hard to enjoy. The most prominent of these is that there was no post-hit invincibility. I suppose it was helpful if you got stuck in fire traps like in the last level, but more often than not it made the game more stressful than it needed to be. Furthermore, the game would move smoothly and suddenly experience a lag spike if enough enemies are on screen. It makes for a good challenge, but perhaps letting up on them a little could prevent this. Overall, however, it was well-stylized and the powerups made collecting cogs enjoyable. Keep up the good work!

Almost perfect!
If there was ONE change I'd make, it'd be to add a bit of post-hit invincibility. Its a little too easy for enemies to trap you in a death-loop. Otherwise, fantastic game!

I hate this game!!

Just kidding :D

Pretty good except for the fact my computer almost crashed at the mini-boss stage. Good music and graphics in my opinion. Hilarious cut-scenes though! Really love the steampunk idea.