Reviews for "StealthBound"

Awesome. Enjoyed it all the way through. As is often the case with such games: it's a shame it ends early. More elaborate and complex levels would be cool.


it wont let me play my mouse works and every thing have any thoughts for me and full stars cause of what i hear

A fun game of stealth platforming. Not too difficult (most puzzles have to do with timing, but not annoying split-second timing) but fun to play through. The coding and play control are solid, the graphics are beautiful.

One bug I ran into, but wasn't able to reproduce:
Level 6, I knock out the guard, and toss him in the dumpster, and immediately after that animation ends, my controls are frozen. The game is still going, so obviously the engine is still running, but I can't move my character. I press R to restart the level and play through without further issue.

Cleared the game

Fun and not too difficult

Should B saved