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Reviews for "StealthBound"

Fun game! I would have gave this game a 5 if the achievements carried over to the awards system on newgrounds. No doubt easy enough to do. I'll be waiting for the added functionality. Again great game!


I collected all starsand used all the key cards but it didn't give me those achievements, hmm

Escape your way out of the interior of prison and become the King! Sneak your away around cameras, guards, lasers, and even gum in order for you to escape to your freedom. Along the way, collect things such as clearance cards to help you maneuver around the puzzles, and if you so desire, collect stars and interact with the world around you to gain achievements.

Very snazzy game. Good o'll puzzling that has good level design and gameplay. The art style is also well done, and if you can't run on the High performance, you can change that as well. Interacting with the world around you set a sort of charm while playing the game, giving it more of a depth. The interacting/staying still sprinkled in some humor as well, which was refreshing and gave a chuckle or two to me personally. The set up of everything was just well done and crisp, I applaud that. Good game, worth getting through the whole thing.

Personal Review:
Good game, loved every moment. No real negative feedback, this game was well thought out. Love how you can be Elvis Presley, good touch. Good soundtrack, didn't really pay attention to it though since the game immersed me. Satisfying ending.

Suggestions: (If you update and add levels or just make a sequel)
(1) Radios
(2) Dogs
(3) Sewer levels & Ventilation levels
(4) Use of the pills more
(5) Being able to obtain objects that you can use to make rounds easier (Knock out-dart guns)
(6) Prison yard levels
(7) More Elvis Presley

TL;DR: You get to play as the King, need I say more?

Ridlake responds:

Wow! It's unbelievable. Thank you for such a detailed review and your advice. =)
I'm glad that you like the game.

Cleared the game

Fun and not too difficult

Should B saved

this game is cooooool! its levels are very good. its graphics are excellent. when we don't move this thief, what it does is also funny and good.