Reviews for "FrogMan and Pico SCENE 2"

its great to see you getting in pbots is becoming a common thing, keep it up!

artistunknown responds:

Thanks, I was amazed that I managed to submit two things in a month and get awards for both. I have a couple other projects pretty close to completion that I could probably easily finish up and submit with a few days of work, but it's hard to actually find the time to sit down and finish them when I have other things, like school, to worry about. Come summer though, lot's 'o free time. I'm sure some great stuff will come out of me then. Hopefully after a few more trophies I'll start getting some recognition. That would be nice :3

Thanks for the review!

This is totally awesome

it's nice a love it

Good piece of animation. But instead of explaining the problem with the "play" in the authors comments I think you should have mentioned that in the main menu. That way more people will be able to view your film (I struggled myself at first). Anyway keep up with the good work.

artistunknown responds:

If I could go back and put a message in the preloader saying that the play button might mess up some times, I might as well just fix the problem. I guess I should fix it since some people are mentioning it.

This is really short but still decent.

The story was nice, I can see how they might make a depressed person feel a bit better. Funny how it ends with Frogman not wanting to shoot and promising nothing gay will happen at his place as long as a certain frog is not there. Pico's "What?" was funny.

The audio was nice, although I think adding sounds for each bullet would have been nice to add. However, I can understand how they might take a bit more time and made this be released a bit later than planned.

The animation was really nice, funny to see how Darnell checks his gun the wrong way, sad to see that Nene is nowhere to be seen.

Overall, nicely done Pico Day animation.

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artistunknown responds:

Short yes, but only a small part of a much longer project, check back next Pico Day for the full thing ;3
I'm glad you liked my bit of foreshadowing near the end. Certainly no gay times to come in the next scene, heh.
I guess I can add sounds for the bullets in the full thing. I really need to get better at sound design.
A few people have mentioned a lack of Nene, so I'll try to find a place to sneak in a cameo for her in the full film, heh. And thank you for the compliment on the animation, I worked hard to get it done in time for Pico Day and I'm very thankful to Misty for doing some inbetweens as well.
Again, the full thing will definitely come next Pico Day, it's like 17 minutes long so it should definitely be worth the wait.
Thanks for the review!