Reviews for "Life Beneath The Surface"

hahahaha, funny game, nice and unique design, and a great storyline/idea:
dwarf miners searching what's beneath the surface of their mines....
this would be a GREAT idea for an EPIC game, or for an EPIC movie, but instead this was a much-more simpler thing, and overall a game with nice interactivity, and a grim, but still somewhat funny ending.
nice puns.

do more,you are good... tho i would love to see more under this same concept.

PETA has to take lessons from you. Maybe then people would take them seriously

good game, and that ending though, #DWARFSAFETYAWARNESSDAY lol :3

OMFG that ending XD

The graphics are interesting, but not bad. Actually, I liked it! The music is cool too.
Overall, this was an entertaining, yet very simple game.

Great music and atmosphere. Expand it!