Reviews for "Life Beneath The Surface"

5 stars for the awesome dwarf fortress reference...

Great art! Harrowing story about slave labour...

The controls need work. The game was funny. Good work for being made in under 48 hours.

hahahaha, funny game, nice and unique design, and a great storyline/idea:
dwarf miners searching what's beneath the surface of their mines....
this would be a GREAT idea for an EPIC game, or for an EPIC movie, but instead this was a much-more simpler thing, and overall a game with nice interactivity, and a grim, but still somewhat funny ending.
nice puns.

do more,you are good... tho i would love to see more under this same concept.

And this is why you Don`t make fortresses near aquifers, unless you have mad engineer skillzs, either way a funny game but not much else.