Reviews for "Life Beneath The Surface"

OMFG that ending XD

The graphics are interesting, but not bad. Actually, I liked it! The music is cool too.
Overall, this was an entertaining, yet very simple game.

PETA has to take lessons from you. Maybe then people would take them seriously

Um.. i... im just walking like im iclimbing a ladder, like i can go up and down anytime?
Expect that 3 starts for a decent game

...I'm not sure what I just played. Her's the breakdown with overall opinion at the end.

-Atmosphere/ Music: Dark, gloomy atmosphere that is enhanced by the slow, repetitive music. It gives the player an almost helpless, melancholy feeling. Passing grade here.
-Controls: Controls worked for the most part, but not completely. Jumping worked every once in a while (I would alternate between short hops and high jumps for no reason). The jump as Space Bar with the WASD format felt awkward, although that may be just me.
-Ending: This was a weird factor for me. It moved from an exploration theme to a quite sudden PSA that may or may not have been included for humorous purposes. There seemed to be mixed messages given here.
-Other Issues: It was easy to glitch things. The bats don't like responding to the light, the ladder mechanics feel sluggish and awkward (not in the simulate an actual ladder type of way), and interactions with objects kind of hurt the game; there was one point where I died and was respawned with a box on top of me (finally removed it by walking into a hole).

Overall, this game delivers a good, dark atmosphere, but not much of anything else. Controls, minor glitching issues, and a mixed message ending hurt any momentum this game can get.

It really only works if you're a Dwarf Fortress fan, but given that I am, I found it hilarious! I love the fact that it was all an 'awareness campaign'.

As for the controls and gameplay, though, they were kind of...eh.