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Reviews for "Caves of Yeragr"

I am voted ludm dare entrys, good but the bad is i cant kill the big monster

Brunodev responds:

Thanks for your review, yeah the final boss is kinda tough to beat xD

Looks fun from the begining, but I can't actually do anything. To the right is an invisible wall, all the keys on my mouse and keyboard won't do anything, and to my left is a pure grey area. Nothing I can do, I am assuming these are just bugs so no low rating, but wish I could play.

I think the art in this was just fine! The music was a short loop, but it also worked well since this is a pretty short game.

The player can only attack monsters when moving to the right. This is a weird mechanic for a game to have, and there's no reason to expect it, so it's hard to tell whether you did it on purpose or not. The space bar makes the character tilt, but I don't notice any effect. Maybe it has to do with the flying enemies? I can't tell. It's possible that you could solve both those issues with some instructions about the controls.

Brunodev responds:

Thanks for your review bro! Yeah the spacebar tilt is a more effective way to combat flying enemies, nice catch, and I completely forgot to add a tutorial about the controls, damn it! Unfortunately, the attack thing is a collision bug that I did not had time to fix it, I might fix it after Ludum Dare's judging period ends. As always I plan way too complex stuff compared to my skills on Ludum Dare times haha

A basic game for 48 hour Ludum Dare 29. It could use better music and polish, now that the challenge is over.

I do like the arts, and for some reason the short music loop doesn't get on my nerves. I like the music too. The fonts destroys the art however.

As cxhh said, it's very hard to find out what you are supposed to do. It's not intuitive, and overall the game feels quite pointless. And I'm sorry, but if the game is not worth playing it doesn't matter if the art and music is cool.

And your way of taking the critics from iTrap is terrible. Granted, his review was not constructive at all, but what's with this "make a game yourself"? You don't have to know how to make a game to judge a game. Would you accept that kind of answer when you complain at the work from a carpenter you have hired? And besides, how do you know iTrap has not made a game?

Brunodev responds:

Sup patwotrik! Thanks for your review. My way of taking the critic was terrible? Maybe, but you know, after you spend 48h coding and drawing and developing in general, you post your game and a guy pops out of nowhere and post "TERRIBLE". Yes sir, make a game yourself and next time you'll know that that is not the right way to approach you should make in ANY game maker. He has not posted one on New Grounds at least, he might be an awesome C++ dev right? Who knows.