Reviews for "Hex Empires: GC"

Great Strategy War Game to exercise the mind and destressify oneself!

An absolutely amazing new revamp of HexEmpire. I cannot stop myself from playing this game. No matter if I win or lose I just tell myself, "one more time." I would throw all my money at this game, had I any to spare or if I wasn't too lazy to grab a credit card.

really GOOD!
amazing maps!Great pictures!SMART BOTS and much more!
TIP:use the speech before you attack a main base....
and ake a contract with the country that is near you

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! I've been waiting forever for this game. And you did not disappoint unn. I give ya 5 stars for how great and good looking the game is. And while I would like to see more modes for it I think its very well done as it is. I also liked that you had a limit on how many units you could have. I thought that was both challenging and great cause that means you can't just keep drowning the enemy in troops, you have to prepare for the long run. Instead of the short run. Soon hopefully I'll make a youtube series on this. So please keep up the good work.

I really love how you made a fun war strategy game while comically mocking the destruction and hypocrisy of war itself.

I liked the naval moves being improved from the original. You can move the full range on land or sea instead of stopping at a harbor like in the original. Much better for planning naval attacks.
It is interesting that you are only allowed 4 ATTACKING moves per turn but can transfer troops over multiple turns (select and drag to desired location you control) but only pay when you start the move. So, it would be more accurate to say you are allowed 4 new 'commands' each turn.

Hopefully there are 'real-world' maps and scenarios in the full version. That would be fun!

At first I was having trouble reading the army numbers when zoomed out, AND I was having trouble seeing enough of the map to plan strategy when zoomed-in, and I was losing cities that I couldn't see... Then, I went to full screen and it was perfect. Good job! On full-screen (at 1920x1080) I can see most of the map, every important battle, and read everything clearly. Excellent!

I feel borders are unpleasant-looking as dotted lines. A solid line or a light solid color over all your terrain would be more appealing. Also, I agree there should be some game calculation that automatically assigns neutral or enemy territory to you when it is entirely surrounded by your territory and there are no other units on it. On every map I play there are many 1~3-tile-areas that are still 'owned' by the enemy even though there are no units there, after many turns of being completely surrounded by me. These areas should be conquered by attrition or something.

Another detail missing is some notification when you are attacked or lose a city. Since ANY battle has the explosion sound,It is hard to know if you won or lost a city/battle each turn. I have 4 fronts going at once so can't watch them all. You could add a simple pop-up or text detailing what battles you won or lost OR perhaps don't play any sounds when enemies are killing each-other. Or even have option to play battles in sequence rather than at the same time. Or pause each time a conflict occurs...

I agree that the 'capital-city-conquering-equaling-instant-death-and-loss-of-all-cities' is very odd. For an example that just happened to me: I am Blue. I attacked Red's capital (it has 800 troops) with 900 troops and 500 troops on the same turn. At the same time Green had 300 troops attacking Red's capital. My 900 unit reduced the red capital to 50, then Green conquered the capital with it's 300 unit and instantly all Red's territory (10 cities) became Green. Then I took the capital with my 500 unit and got NONE of red's territory (except the capital) Note that this all happened on one turn, so basically at the same time... This is a ridiculous outcome for the battle. This reduces the previous turns of strategy to silliness. A more realistic outcome would be to just have the Red player lose 50% morale or revert to neutral territory. ON a side note: To make this even more comically ridiculous, I also had 2000 troops near Green's capital so attacked them the next turn, conquered their capital and instantly HALF the map converted to blue... This is just too ridiculous an outcome. The game is awesome other than this weird flaw.

This game is definitely worth 5 stars. On a side-note, I've played Hex Empire 1 regularly since it came out and I never even knew there was a second Hex Empire game!