Reviews for "Hex Empires: GC"

An amazing game. I loved the original. The move to Unity is the best thing about this sequel.
Very capable of making it to Steam if you expand on it. I love it! Any chance of a downloadable version? I'd love to play it offline!

uun responds:

There will be downloadable version when the game is complete. Currently, with frequent updates, it's easier to manage everything having only online version.

I wish I could give this a 5 but it is just to dang hard. I loved the first Hex Empires but this one needs a difficulty setting. A better tutorial wouldn't hurt either as the current one doesn't explain that each dot you see while giving an army an order to move represents one second of time that will be used to get to your destination.

uun responds:

There is easy mode, it doesn't help?

Woo, what an elaborate game this is! Graphically grand, feature-filled and packed with maps. The intro was an inspiring piece of speech too, though the transition between leader and soldier didn't really make it clear which roll you have; who you play as. Nice game!


This game is impossible to win a round, either that or it's completely different from Hex Empire 1, it's damn near impossible to win a round because it's always at least three AI vs one player simultaneously.

In the first game, you'd actually have a fighting chance. Only one, maybe 2 on the more difficult settings AI attacked you at once. It was a lot less frustrating but a bit plain.

Aside from that it's a very good game and definitely an improvement from the original and an even bigger improvement from the second. I like the use of Unity web player, it makes the game a lot faster and smoother than flash.

uun responds:

There is no cheating in this game, unlike in HE1 where AI deliberately attacked player (it was because Flash has miserable computing power). Now AI chooses target based exclusively on strategic value, so if you have lots of strategic resources it's natural your enemies will want to havethem. Often it's easier to start with a mediocre position that opponents will ignore. Also if you will stand the initial phase of the game your opponents may focus on somebody else. Do as AI does, split your first army into small parts and try o reach most strategic areas, always leave some forces in your capital. Most maps, if not all, are beatable.

To prove my point I just have won a war being underdog whole game and finally facing a giant empire, without conquering any capital myself. I just smashed the empire's morale by taking over poorly defended resources. So yep, it's completely beatable just by employing an effective strategy. My advice: attack is the best defense and never give up!

A pretty cool game. Keep up the good work.

It has fun and strategy.