Reviews for "Hex Empires: GC"

This is much better than the original. It feels very cheap though, taking or losing a capital. I piled up an army of over 3000 troops and rushed each enemy capital in quick succession and won the game without having to pay much attention at all to any other cities. In my next game, I decided to play it out and let the most destruction possible occur before ending the game, but my final opponent built an army of several thousands and beelined from one side of the map directly to my capital with that army. You should definitely change that mechanic, because it makes the game short and tactically bland. Losing your capital should severely damage the morale of your men, but it should not cause your entire nation to join the enemy who captured it. At the very least there should be an option to disable capital conquest.

There is also a problem with conquering hexes which lay a little distance away from roads or paths between cities. There should be some way other than physically walking over them to conquer them, otherwise the map becomes a crisscrossing pattern of pathways and altogether not informative or nice to look at. I wouldn't mind going out of my way to grab these hexes, but the four moves per turn limit makes this a waste of time and generally not worth doing.

Other than that, the game is fairly solid and very fun to play.

Really amazing - at least one or two classes above the HE1 (which was already good, I was playing quite frequently). Reduction to 4 moves is a good idea - makes the game even more like chess, you really have to consider your moves thoroughly.
Looking forward to alpha release - please try to take these issues into account:
* Clicking on a target field where already an enemy army is located only opens the "move" menu every now and then. I'd say I have an success rate of less than 50%. That's quite annoying after some time, you really should fix this.
* The explosion sound when conquering an enemy capital is just an awful distortion. Maybe cause you're just "summing up" all explosions of all the cities. You should use some kind of audio compression.
* Yes the music is cool. But why do just so few game developers understand that even any super beloved music ("they're playin our song, babe") becomes annoying after being played for hours in an infinite loop? Please pleaze pleez offer separate on/off buttons for music and sound.
(greetings from Berlin, Germany)

An absolutely amazing new revamp of HexEmpire. I cannot stop myself from playing this game. No matter if I win or lose I just tell myself, "one more time." I would throw all my money at this game, had I any to spare or if I wasn't too lazy to grab a credit card.

I come back to this game at least every other day at work. So simple, yet so complex. Great job guys.

Nice game, but it becomes way too simple, once you figure out how to actualy win in 15-20 rounds.

But the music in the main menu! Gawd, I need it. Is there a downloadable version?

uun responds:

Just uploaded new maps with new rules, try now!

Sorry, the music is copyrighted and I can use it only in the game, no download :(.