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Reviews for "Tankman BDAY Adventures"

Why does a white screen pop up and say "403 forbidden, nginx 1.2.1"?

JeremyLokken responds:

Maybe it's your browser. Try it again.

It's a great base for a game but your it still requires alot of polishing.
there should be animations for firing your gun than standing still.
And the bomb just disappears without some kind of explosion, i mean come on, that's not hard to implement. Also when you die, tankman just disappears without some kind of restart button or even a message that popsup. So your bug fix of yesterday didn't help at all.

JeremyLokken responds:

Hmm. I'll have to recheck that. Death should show the game over in any situation now. The browser might be holding onto an old JavaScript file. The easy way to tell is if Marc's 9th ward character in the training room still has the ".," in the dialogue. That's old. Bombs have an explosion graphic in my experience of the game. The firing expression of the Captain, I'll fix soon. Thanks for the review of my html5 game.

Whoa! This is awesome! Its just that it would be better if TankMan had more expression!