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Reviews for "Tankman BDAY Adventures"

Neat game, but the addition of a checkpoint or an auto saving feature would be nice, It´s a bit hard to win the game in the first play.

amazing work <3

Not bad, but I had the same problem as xela0000, fell in the hole in the basketball house, could move to a room to the left while invisible/underground, could move to a room to the right, but no more than that. No underground sewers for me either.

Not bad for a NG game. But I did stop to play when I falled in a hole and then ... nothing. (Where there is a radio player and a basket ball). I could not get out of the hole, but could go at the right of the screen and the left to other screens. Is this normal? Have a nice day!

JeremyLokken responds:

You found the secret lair of the Murshaq. It should have taken you to an underground sewer where you can have fun. I am guessing...fun was not had? There's also a special place to get unlimited coin there. Thanks for the review.

I think this was a pretty good game for Pico Day. Not one of the best, but not bad. I am glad I was able to figure out you just had to throw drop bombs to get down somewhere. It was also interesting to see this layout. It seems like this is more Tankmen Day than anything else.

Or rather, it was just Newgrounds Day. Whatever the notion, it's nice to celebrate ourselves. I was a bit confused as to how you got on top of the buildings. It was fun to figure that stuff out. The graphics could have been better, but still good.