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Reviews for "Tankman BDAY Adventures"

bleh bad i probably would of played more if the gun sounds wasn't so pathetic

Overall not a bad game. your basic jump and shoot platformer with having to find and collect certain things thrown in. Their were some problems though. the controls were a bit laggy, it is often hard to tell what you can jump on and what you can't, and the inability to shoot up or diagonally is a pain in the but when the enemy is above you or up a ramp shooting down. if those were fixed it would be a really fun game.

I completed and found everything, but it wasn't clear what I was meant to do next, and eventually I died. The art-style is wrong, the controls are laggy and it isn't clear where you can jump.

i using my computer dual shocker but it not works

Hello! It's a nice game. However, its simply boring... You should make more games like this.

JeremyLokken responds:

I should make more boring games?