Reviews for "Pico Day"

inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion aye

From the all Pico Day 2014 entries, this has the best story. It really feels like real life. The animation is nice, so the art is too. But the story whouldn't make the animation amazing. 5/5

Initially, i was put off by the animations clashing with the background art. But I was gripped by the end. This animation is fucking depressing! But it was very creative and extremely well-done. 5/5. :)

Finally realisitic choices

this is.... surprisingly deep... the idea that pico was the actual one to blame for the murder instead of killing the responsables and avoiding a very attractive-yet not whoring version of nene as a love interest, making him realize that he didn't wanted to live in a place was to haunt him forever.

I love this, wich is odd, because i hate all holidays related to NG, even tom fulp.