Reviews for "Pico Day"

wow... so this was the aftermath to pico school huh?... i must say than this is pretty much the best animated style i have seen, i specially loved the backgrounds, they are pretty awesome, i assume than they were done manually? also the story was so cool, i didnt wanted it to end! at the end all i must say is: Good Job!!!

So, even a bag o' bioticks ain't enough to cope with it eh?

poor pico

the main character reminds me of Jimmy from Ed,Edd N Eddy
the lady looks cute and love the back ground painting was that done in digital or physical
and also this is an unusual animation piece but he style and drawing and movement PRETTY IMPRESSIVE

RyanStorm responds:

Thanks man, to answer your question, the paintings are all hand done. I like how it looks and I think physical paintings are more fun to make than digital ones.


RyanStorm responds:

RIP in peace