Reviews for "Pico Day"

This is more dark and realistic version of Jerry to me.

Hmm, so this is the aftermath of that great tragedy. What a horrible fate that potentially awaits our hero! The artistic backgrounds are a creative touch, the animation plays along slowly and wordlessly, but effectfully. It's easy to get into the pretty heavy settings of things, the silence a burden above the imagery, occasional sound effects enforcing them feelings. It does have a bit of a Neon Genesis Ending Vibe... not the happiest atmosphere that could've been mustered up. :P But hmm, twas an intriguing watch. Happy eh.. I mean: Pico Day. Nice work.


That's really moving and really well drawn! I like that style!
I was kinda sad in the end, but that did fit very well...

Wow...that was so incredibly deep...and to use his past like that and to take you to such a psychological rollercoaster is just...genius. 10/10.

6660 veiws, I liked it. the backgrounds showed the deterioration of his mind. Or something else deep like that. Heh. Nice joke.

RyanStorm responds:

Thanks man, glad ya liked it...wait...o u snaky bastard u.