Reviews for "Pico Day"

LOLOLOL. 'Unfamiliar C(feel)eiling.'

L.OO.L. Man, I had forgotten about Pico' School till now. Thanks bra!

but... whwere are all the naked Reis? That would have been a funny turnaround... Nene as Rei at the end of ENd of Evangelion.

nice flash man.

So Darnell became president?

RyanStorm responds:

Now that you mention it, that seems like a major missed opportunity.

poor pico, everyones afraid of him now.

Pico is more hardcore than that. Yea, but it was good

HOLY CRAP! O_O Ok that was actually really good, Though I've never seen the bit about EVA I can guess the rest, Was that Nene or someone who looked a lot like Nene? Cool flash the art was coold and the style of animation was interesting :D Thanks for making it

RyanStorm responds:

The Eva stuff was mostly in like cinematography stuff. Also, yeah, that was Nene. I took some liberties with her design.
Glad ya liked it man :)