Reviews for "Pico's Nightmare"

Nice game i wish you should make another game

Lenke responds:

Yes probably, because I wanted to add more things to this, but I had not much time :(

Very nice move and shoot game. Short and sweet ,but with a nice surprise. Happy Pico day 2014. The medals work, and I earned them all.

nice twist.

Good game.

While some parts are clunky and unpolished this DID feel like an actual pico game. I mean the boss characters were original and like I said feel like they belong in an actually pico game. Sure the english was kinda shit but the good points outweigh the bad so nice work

Lenke responds:

I just try to catch the pico's game into my hearth and that is what I could do in 20 day's, 1 hs per day because I'm lazy XD! lie, I just have others things to do .... ... .
ok I was lazy.. but is just to not make the first idea... and mixed to make this great thing with my bad graphics...
sorry my English, should I pay more attention to English class... mmm