Reviews for "Pico's Nightmare"

I'll take the in-game poster's advice and give this 2 stars.

1) The concept is there and the execution of the game mechanics is there. It's another take of Pico's School and that's ok. This game was fun to play while it lasted, however....
2) .....it's way short. You have the opening cinematic, two bosses, and then you get the ending sequence. Very bare bones there.
3) Music was fine, but this game needed some sort of sound effects.
4) Boss battles. These were easy and don't really connect well. In the original, the boss characters were given some sort of motive to trying to kill Pico. They were just kind of here in this one.
A) Skinhead Skateboard battle. This one is going to be the quicker comment, so I'll make it first. This battle was fine. It was easy to counteract the opponent's movement.
B) Nerd Twins battle. Looks like you took Alucard's mechanics from the original and applied it here with some environmental hazards. This was an okay fight, but why make it this way? The twins can block most damage from bullets, but why? It made sense for Alucard's psychic abilities, but doesn't make sense here. Also, why only kill one twin? This should have been kill one and the other's attacks get more frantic or something like that. Also, why is the ceiling shooting fire? If you want the nerd motif to be coherent here, you could have set up some Bunsen burners and have them lined on the ground (Show tubes going to the nerds behind the desk).
5) Ending- It was a let-down, to be honest. The twist came from nowhere (not the good kind of surprise) and just fell flat. After the betrayal, it should have been the perfect opportunity to have a battle vs Darrell/ Nene... and then a battle against the nightmare itself. Instead, we get the betrayal and the dream cliche.

Overall, this game gets a low score because it's short, easy, and devoid of content. However, it gets boosted to a 2-star because what little content that was there was enjoyable.

Lenke responds:

The game is short and easy because of is just a pico dream(Nightmare) xD!
So a dream can't be so long... xD!

I Lie, I had though in add 2 more bosses (another ending) and more stuff (and sound effects) but I had no time I started late :(
So I had to improvise to finish the game in time...

Maybe next pico.... but I will do another thing anyway or not(?

Thanks for your review


Lenke responds:

yes, :8

This game is my nightmare.

Lenke responds:

>:D !
yes the quality of this game is not the beast...

make sound effect.

Lenke responds:

you are right, I will see..

I like it, its certainly better than the previous games of the series.

Lenke responds:

yes, a little short but .., it can be continued...