Reviews for "Pico's Nightmare"

game likes to lag up from time to time

Wow this suck it didnt even have a final boss ...

lame ending , lame level design becaue its the same shit as Pico School , Your gameplay was good shooting bad bosses was way more fun then the original BUT IF ONLY IT HAVED MORE THEN 2 LOOSY BATTLE .


Lenke responds:

calm down is just a dream xD!
no one understand....

..... Thats just horrible. Why even post this in its current state??

Lenke responds:

Is not that bad....
Is just a simple game.

man i don't know rate 5 or 2 u r the best xD ur game it took long time to do like 4 years !!

Lenke responds:



I did not like this game. I think its biggest fault was how difficult it was. Well, the graphics were pretty bad too. I am glad to have played this Pico game. The artwork seems even older than a lot of the stuff made back in those days. I guess this was intentional.

It doesn't rank high with Pico games. I just had to keep on firing at the nerds and their shields almost never turned off. Is this supposed to be an actual nightmare? It sure was one for me. The music isn't bad, though.

Lenke responds:

you just have to wait to some bomb explode close to they, then you can shoot ...
most of people get it ... (? or not (?