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Reviews for "P-Bot Has No Hope In NG"

Good gameplay, very interactive. Music is sweet. Nice simple story. I liked how it was fully incorporated with Newgrounds, high score, characters, medals.

came for the joke, stayed for the game

Game is really well thought out; from all the movement mechanics and scaling difficulties (I think trollface is harder than youtube, though), everything is working, and easy to get into.

My only complaint is that the game doesn't have the *oomph*. P-bot moves like a squirrel at 8x his width per second, I feel like a badass like P-bot should be packing 16 years of heavy weight blamming. Maybe reduce his speed and jump-strength by half, and have rocket boost activate when he's falling a bit, instead of immediately.

Oh and thanks for reminding us that the golden flash age is far gone.

One of The Best Games Ever
The Troll boss was pretty easy It Only Took Me 2 trys

yeah! in this game p-bot has now saved newgrounds and possibly the world
but still... why youtube is the game's last boss? why the memes and the flying boobs attacked NG?
and simply... why newgrounds had no hope in this game?

All that NG could have been but never was! :) Or rather: the spark that lit the revolution, and led the way to greater and greener pastures since? Pretty fun game here. Could become a classic.